ryan stokes

24 Jun

I was terribly shy around boys, even when I was in college.  I hated to make the first move, and avoided it at all costs. This caused much frustration with my friends, who insisted that I needed to be more forward if I ever was going to find myself a man.

One winter, we decided that we would attend a winter formal that the medical student association was putting on. I agreed to go, assuming that I would meet a soon-to-be wealthy physician who would provide me with a home, children and a no-limit credit card. My roommates entirely ruined this fantasy when they told me that I had to bring a date.  As in, provide my own. I had no idea who I would ask.

It was around this time, that I began hanging out with this really attractive guy from work. He was nice and funny and cute, which my roommates informed me were all good reasons to date a guy. So after a lot of encouragement from my homies, I decided to invite Ryan Stokes to the formal.

The setup to get him alone just to ask him was pretty elaborate.  I explained to him that I liked to study in the library of his dorm, which the school had just recently began locking.  After having dinner with him and another friend one night, during which I had ample chances of asking him, all of which I avoided, I asked him if he would let me into the library.  As he was fumbling with his key, I nervously stared at my feet and blurted out a too-long explanation of the formal and asked him if he would go with me.  He turned around, and looked at me, clearly surprised that I was “going there” and hesitated.  When he finally answered, it wasn’t the emphatic yes, followed by a passionate kiss and an invitation up to his room that I had expected.  Instead he said a little awkwardly, “It’s a possibility.”  And then he left.

I was PISSED! I went into the library and opened my law book, but I was unable to concentrate due to how appalled I was by the nerve of Ryan’s pseudo-rejection.  I started texting my friend Rachel Miller, who was home waiting to hear how things went.  When I told her what Ryan had said, we trash texted him for a while until I began to feel better off without him.

The library was really quiet, and though I was a bit humiliated by the spurn, I decided to remain there and finish reading the assigned chapters.

A little while later, Ryan came in wearing his pajamas and carrying a pad of paper.  Because we couldn’t speak in the library, he began writing me a note.  It basically said that he didn’t say yes right away because he wasn’t sure if he had anything proper to wear, but that he found a suit in his closet and all he needed were dress shoes, which he could purchase the next day.  He said he would be happy to go with me, but warned me that he could not dance.

I ignored his lack of enthusiasm, and immediately began naming our future children.

As soon as he left the library, I grabbed my phone and texted Rachel, “OMG, he said yes!”  After about ten minutes with no response, I went to check the status of the text on my old school Nokia, and realized with absolute horror, that in my excited haste, I had texted the person below Rachel in my contacts list: Ryan.

I was so mortified.  I immediately gathered up my books and hurried as far away from there as I could.  Ryan never mentioned the text, and we had a splendid time at the formal. Now, years later, I cannot look him in the eye without remembering that moment of absolute horror when I’d realized what I’d done. And yet we’re perfectly comfortable commenting on each other’s photos and liking each other’s statuses.


2 Responses to “ryan stokes”

  1. rachelmiller July 12, 2010 at 11:43 am #

    hahah. I remember this!

    • ddnichols July 12, 2010 at 11:49 am #

      devastation 🙂

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